RESPECT! Aguero Named Greatest Goal Scorer In Premier League History

RESPECT! Named Greatest Goal Scorer In Premier League History

Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher has identified striker, Sergio , as the “greatest goalscorer” in the Premier League history.

Carragher stated this after thrashed Chelsea 6-0 in Sunday’s Premier League encounter.

The former center-back believes that , who scored a hat-trick to hand Pep Guardiola’s men all three points against Maurizio Sarri’s side at Etihad, is the greatest goalscorer the Premier league has ever seen.

is just clever. He’s switched on, he’s alive,” Carragher told Sky Sports.

“I’ve played against him and at times he can be quiet in a game, but before you know it something just happens. In terms of a goalscorer, he’s the greatest we’ve seen in the Premier League.

“That’s the difference between him and the other greats, he’s a goalscorer rather than the greatest all-round player.”

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