What You Need To Know About This Drug Called Misoprostol (Cytotec)

What You Need To Know About This Drug Called Misoprostol (Cytotec)

Today, we would discuss yet another sensitive topic and a very common drug (which is not supposed To be) called “Cytotec”.

Misoprostol is actually an NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug) used for NSAIDS induced ulcer (that was the initially plan for the drug) but quite unfortunately or would I say fortunately, it also has the ability to induce labor (for mothers having complications) or abortions (for mothers in a twisted situation).

The mechanism of action of the drug is quite complicated and since we have agreed we don’t like pharmaceutical terms, let’s tell a story!

Remember our Ulcer story, we said its a sore in the stomach or intestine. Now Misoprostol is like a plaster (internal plaster) used to coat the surface of the wound inside, that’s the easiest way to explain it. But, this Misoprostol also binds to womb walls and cause contractions (as a side effect/unwanted effect) and these contractions lead to the expulsion of the content of the womb, yeah, that basically how the abortion part works!

Cytotec also causes cervical ripening (neck of the womb) it causes dilation of the cervical muscles for labour.

Cytotec actually shouldn’t be given to pregnant women to avoid unwanted abortion or pre-mature birth or abnormal babies (in a situation where it won’t abort the child, there is a limit to which a Fetus can grow and it can’t be aborted, it would rather cause an abnormality on the growing Fetus).

Misoprostol is used for ulcer too especially in men and non pregnant females or women not planning to take in (especially in a situation where that’s the only drug you have to use).

Finally, it can be given to women who have fetal death, quite unfortunate but can be used to expel the baby’s corpse and used for post birth bleeding too.

Aside the above mentioned uses, please and please do not take the Cytotec for other uses (its even a controlled drug). Your health is your wealth rather than expel an unwanted child, prevent its formation at first. A word is enough for the wise!


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