Remaining Heaven And Hell For Davido To Perform – BOVI

Remaining Heaven And Hell For To Perform

​Nigerian superstar, sold out 10,000 tickets in an unknown South American Country, Suriname and comedian Bovi can’t keep calm about it.

Reacting to ’s performance in Suriname, which is not located in Africa, or Europe, or the USA, but Paramaribo, Suriname in the South America continent, Bovi who expressed how surprised he was that the audience sang ’s songs word for word, said it heaven and hell are the only places left for the Nigerian superstar to perform in.

He wrote as he shared a photo of on Instagram;

This Gee just sold 10,000 tickets in a country I had never heard of until this moment. Suriname ! In South America of all places. Audience was singing word for word. Remaining heaven and hell for davido to perform! #global

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