Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent’s Lil Nas X Homophobic Jab


Responds To ’s Homophobic Jab

At one time, Fiddy and may have been friends – the two were collaborators in G-Unit, working closely together and contributing to some of the most iconic moments in hip-hop history. All of that is behind though, because these days he just wants to take jabs at Buck. He recently took to Instagram to shade the whole G-Unit crew, basically saying that they owe their success to him, saying: “In 16 years, every time you saw them together it was my show. Now that’s a big bag they fucked up.” As for Buck, Fiddy has been going at his former G-Unit partner for months, even alleging back in May that Buck had been in a romantic relationship with a transgender woman for three years, (which Buck has denied). He continued with his homophobic-twinged shade towards Buck just 3 days ago, when he took the opportunity of coming out as gay to troll Buck with a resurfaced picture of the two, which he captioned “New young Buck (Fresh Out the Barn) ft Little Nas X 🔥Coming July 4.”


Now, this is definitely not a collab that has been announced, and it’s obvious Fid was just poking more gay-centric fun at Buck. However, TMZ has alleged that they were told Buck is “unfazed by 50 Cent’s attempt to diss and troll.” Buck also feels like 50 is simply still trying to drag him over a bogus contract from several years back. As for Buck’s feelings towards Lil Nas X coming out, they were also told that he “supports him as a person and an artist,” and that “nothing has changed from the time he took the photo back in June with the rising star.”

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