Uche Ogbodo Fires Back At Critics Over Her Weight Loss


Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has taken to Instagram to call out those who always ask her what she did to lose weight and also achieve her new body, was dragged into a banter with trolls.


The screen star who slammed those who claimed she takes pills to lose weight, wrote on Instagram as she shared the video;

Stop Asking Me what I do to Loose Weight! It’s becoming Annoying .. Run follow @bodypositivewithucheogbodoto Get all the weightloss tipz you need.





However one @maryclothing233 wrote;

@ucheogbodo my dear no one asked her but this loose weight you are on doesn’t match u at all u became ugly seriously I’m your biggest fan so I’m telling you the truth just gain your weight and work on your tummy but the way you became hein only God will save you you have no shape all your bones are out it is ugly dear sorry to say the truth it always hurts love you shaa
@ucheogbodo MA dear Uche stop that work out is not helping you at all

@stainlessitaliano wrote:

Madam stop this shit you are doing believe me you are getting older and ugly d more…bring back our boobs n stop this nonsense


Replying the comments from the trolls, Uche Ogbodo wrote;

@maryclothing233 It is not hurting me Nnem. It’s the ugly in your eyes, in my eyes I am the most beautiful girl in the world

@stainlessitaliano go fuck yourself…am I your baby? Stop this rubbish right now

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