Tobi Lou Previews New “Live On Ice” Mixtape With “My Party” Track


Previews New “Live On Ice” Mixtape With “My Party” Track

is blessing late summer playlists with his latest Tony Bigz-assisted “My Party” single, leading into his upcoming Live On Ice project, set to arrive on August 2nd by way of his ArtClub/EMPIRE partnership.


“I felt like my entire life I’ve been waiting for whatever moment this is,” Lou reveals in a press release, speaking on the upcoming full-length release. “I’m finally having an awakening and seizing my moment by putting out my first real offering and saying, ‘OK, I’m ready – judge me […] People go crazy for Lion King, but go even crazier for Lion King On Ice, and I feel like that with this project. I released a lot of music last year but nothing like this – this is by far the craziest thing I’ve done, so it had to be Live on Ice.”

Even with the sonic changes, Tobi Lou can do no wrong and “My Party” along with the previously-released singles of “Waterboy” and “Like My Mom” are a true testament to the fact. Get into the new track below.

Quotable Lyrics

I be waitin’ for you like all week
I’ll be right here if you want me
This ain’t even my party
But I’ma cry if I wanna
Smokin’ that marijuana-ah
Shop in my pyjama-as

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