Tekashi 6ix9ine Persist In Chief Keef Mockery



Tekashi Persist In Mockery

It didn’t take long for Tekashi to launch into his second round offensive. Hours after news broke out that had escaped a shooting incident with his life, the NY rapper made the most of his media spotlight to rekindle their day-old feud. Tekashi began by posting a screen cap of the TMZ article reporting the shooting incident, with a caption that read: “No way…” That’s as far as he went in regards to his involvement.


The next incredulous move saw 6ix9ine record a lip sync of his favorite Chief Keef song “Faneto.” It’s safe to assume his gesture is meant to convey a high level of sarcasm, perhaps a reminder of how far Chief Keef has fallen and lived to tell the tale. “Faneto” is certainly a healthy reminder of Sosa at his best. Next, Tekashi posted and old YouTube clip of a teenager going off on Keef’s “Finally Rich Intro.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine posing as a Chief Keef fan after initially coming to blows with him on Social Media reads like modern piece de resistance. Trolling, as an art form is not limited to lessons of gullibility. Keep in mind, Tekashi resorted to Chicago slang “On Fonem Grave,” in the caption of his “Finally Rich” repost. The expression is the rough equivalent of saying “Word is Bond,” “Swear To God,” or any phrase emphasizing telling the truth. Tekashi 6ix9ine figures someone in Chi-Raq with enough clout to come forward, will take offence. Let’s wait and see if his gambit pays dividends.




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