Stop Beating Your Wife – Timaya To Eghosa Agnonifo

A certain politician identified as Mr Eghosa Agnonifo had taken to his Instagram page to berate popular singer over his statement on marriage and in response, said to him ‘ stop beating your wife ‘

If you recollect, a certain video circulated over the social media yesterday and in the video, was seen saying to other celebrities present at the scene, to forget about marriage and just get a child with a woman.

He mentioned that marriage doesn’t work.

The comment received serious backlashes from various quarters and Mr Eghosa had also waded into the situation to lend his voice, but it eventually led into a serious online altercation with the duo.

See below:

Social media is a place where people sell their phobia in form of advise … I was going through @instablog9ja and saw a suppose role model advising his friend to impregnate ladies and move on … Don’t be fooled a lot of people are going through a lot and disguise under celebrity status to hide their phobia… Be careful who you take advise from … #Iamhappilymarried

then replied:

Lol @ this FOOL. Your strategy no go work. U will never be a successful politician. Be happy with ur marriage and stop beating ur wife. Olodo

The man then said:

@timayatimaya better apologize and come for a tutoring class … Don’t have anything against u that statements was totally out of place

finally replied saying he will never become a successful politician:

U can’t have anything against me boy. U need the tutoring class and pls go apologise to ur beautiful wife for using her as a punching bag. U WILL NEVER BE A SUCCESSFUL POLITICIAN.

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