Wednesday, June 26, 2019

R. Kelly Was Reportedly Hospitalized For Panic Attacks After “Surviving R. Kelly” Aired

R. Kelly Was Reportedly Hospitalized For Panic Attacks After Aired

was reportedly experiencing panic attacks both before and after Lifetime aired the six-part Surviving  documentary. According to TMZ, Kelly’s anxiety levels were so intense, he had to seek medical attention.

Sources close to the disgraced R&B superstar said the attacks started in the days leading up to the January 3 premiere and continued well after its finale on January 5. Consequently, Kelly went to the hospital to receive treatment.

The episodes are allegedly being triggered by the overwhelming backlash he’s receiving from both fans and peers.

Instead of continuing the hospital visits, Kelly has reportedly enlisted the help of a doctor who is able to make house calls.

Despite his condition, Kelly held a birthday celebration for himself on Wednesday (January 9) to show he isn’t hiding. That evening, Kelly was reportedly approached by Chicago police after someone called authorities and claimed Kelly had a warrant for his arrest.

Those claims later proved to be false. There was no warrant and, consequently, no arrest.

In the wake of Surviving R. Kelly, the Chi-Town native is reportedly under investigation in Georgia.

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