R. Kelly Is Preparing For War With His Accusers!


What could possibly do to his accusers? Well the news is trickling out! Before we get to that, lets talk about Aaliyah She was a teen girl when she was married to a damn-near-30 Robert Kelly. While he wasn’t convicted of child porn, we all know that the girl in question was underage. Some of the parents allege that their child came up missing thanks to when she was 17. All lies? Nope. So, here is the deal… is ready to fight back!


First of all, the word is that or somebody nearby is looking to start a site called Surviving Lies, where the Chicago singer breaks down and defeats all of his accusers! Secondly, is planning to sue everybody involved with the documentary series “Surviving ,” which basically crucified him for three nights in a row. has not watched it yet. He should watch it before he starts spending potential settlement money or hush money.

Thirdly, somebody tried to start a Facebook page devoted to exposing those that have accused R. Kelly of heinous acts that he couldn’t possibly have done. (If you cannot feel the sarcasm, I cannot help you.) Anyway, Facebook took the WHOLE A$$ PAGE DOWN. They weren’t having it, even though they allow a bevy of other rampant BS exist. ” “The page violated our Community Standards and has been removed. We do not tolerate bullying or sharing other’s private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we’re aware,” Facebook told TMZ in a statement.

Did R. Kelly have COPS on the pay roll? I didn’t see all of the special but that’s what they say! Anyway, maybe he can get some of those PoPo Hittas do do something for him!

Speaking of the cops and authorities, they are looking for stuff on him, but are having a hard time finding any charges. At this point, most of the girls/women are of age, not teenagers. They are now allegedly cult members, brainwashed or just locked away.


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