Nipsey Hussle Questions LAPD For Towing His “Victory Lap” Brink’s Truck



Sources close to Nipsey deny the rapper’s promotional armored vehicle was left in a parking spot for disabled drivers.


In promotion of his new album Victory Lap, has been cruising around in a branded Brink’s truck, or at least a truck designed in the likeness of the iconic armored vehicle. Earlier this week, the truck was towed by police after it was reportedly parked in a spot for disabled drivers and was found to have expired plates, according to TMZ. However, Nipsey refutes the claims of law enforcement sources, insisting that the cops are simply “hating” on him and his album promotion tactics. Sources close to the rapper say the vehicle was actually towed from a private parking lot at his clothing store in L.A.

“One thing we don’t respect is how the LAPD came through and took our Brink’s truck,” says Nipsey in a conversation with a TMZ photographer. “We putting on for the city. We showing love. We raising the expectation of young n***as that come out the hood. And we don’t understand why the police wanna hate on that.”

Nipsey later revealed that the vehicle was back in his possession, but law enforcement sources suggest it is still impounded.

On Friday, the rapper announced a contest related to the towed vehicle. “JUS PULL UP TO PEPE’s TOWING AND TAKE A PIC BY THE ARMORED TRUCK AND HASHTAG #VICTORYLAP & #FREETHEBRINCKSTRUCK to enter the GIVEAWAY!!,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing the address where the truck was being held. “WE GIVING AWAY A 14K Gold All Money In Chain And Piece for one lucky winner.”

Nipsey’s long-awaited album Victory Lap was released Friday. It features guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, YG, The-Dream, and Puff Daddy.



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