Mayer Hawthorne – “The Game”


‘s “comeback” continues.


Not only did he and Jake One release their third album as Tuxedo this past month, the Grammy-nominated singer also dropped a song called “,” which put an end to a three-year break from releasing solo music.

Now, with an album hopefully on the horizon, MH keeps it moving with a video for “.” Inspired by The Princess Bride and directed by Alexis Sepkovic and Pele Kudren, they chose a different approach for the visual: making it one-minute long. You know, to help appease the people with shortened attention spans and “busy” schedules. But, if you’re like me, and still appreciate a full-length video, both versions have been released.

“In order to successfully shoot this video, I spent the last few years developing an immunity to iocane powder,” Hawthorne jokes with Forbes. “Huge shout out to Pele and co. for taking my preposterous idea and making it come to life. Rest in peace, William Goldman.”

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