It is no longer news that celebrity couple and have broken up after months of speculations as to whether the duo are still an item. However,  things are getting messy between the duo as has slammed and tagged him a narcissist in am Instagram post.

The drama started when finally opened up on her relationship status during a radio interview in Ghana where she insisted that she is single, but refused to give a concrete answer if her split from her boyfriend was a result of cheating. Although she maintained that people close to her know exactly what happened between them and that they broke up on mutual terms. She had said:

”I don’t know because they say and I hear all sorts of things but people close to me know what happened. I wouldn’t say because no matter what I respect the people that I have been with. We broke up on a mutual term.”

In his reaction to her revelation, Iceberg Slim mentioned in a post on his Instagram page that toxic partners tend to paint you as the villain especially when they couldn’t control you in a relationship – They instead try to control how other people view you as a person.

Juliet Ibrahim in her response referred to Iceberg Slim as a narcissist and she went ballistic on her page enlightening her followers on the features of a narcissist.

See her posts below:

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