HBO Teases Bleak Game Of Thrones Finale With New Photos

HBO Teases Bleak “Game Of Thrones” Finale With New Photos

HBO Teases Bleak “” Finale With New Photos

HBO’s long-running juggernaut is coming to an end this Sunday, and while the spectacle has been high, so too has the social media “whinging.” It’s not uncommon to see critics and fans alike slamming the series, with particular ire directed at showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss. In any case, they’ll likely find themselves tuning in to the final episode, if only to indulge in a masochistic “hate-watch,” drafting the appropriate Tweets for the morning after. Now, HBO has decided to start stoking the hype fires, releasing a pair of images from the upcoming, untitled, series finale.

The pictures, which appear to be drawn from the already released teaser trailer, find Daenerys addressing her victorious army from the top of the red keep. Given the brutal nature of her conquest, IE: “fire and blood,” the scene will likely play out with an ominous tone. Expect plenty of disturbing reaction shots from Jon Snow, a lingering Arya Stark, and her Hand-On-Thin-Ice Tyrion Lannister. Speaking of which, the latter makes up the second picture, looking somber and morose in the wake of Dany’s destruction. It’s likely that Varys’ last words are echoing throughout his head.

Are you excited for the long-awaited conclusion?


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