Girl who claimed Ronaldo slept with her at 17, dragged into rape allegation

Girl who claimed Ronaldo slept with her at 17, dragged into rape allegation

According to reports, lawyers to the US lady who raised a rape allegation case against Cristiano Ronaldo, want to probe another sex claim against him — by a girl embroiled in Italy’s “bunga bunga” VIP vice scandal.

Karima El Mahroug, 25, alleged Ronaldo paid £3,500 for sex in 2010 knowing she was 17 — illegal in Italy, where she lived.

US court papers filed by Kathryn Mayorga’s lawyers mention “the sexual assault of a woman in Italy”, which they now confirm refers to Karima.

A source said:

“They’re prepared to travel the earth for evidence to help their case. Karima’s someone they’re interested in speaking to.” Ronaldo has insisted of Karima: “I have never met her, nor have I had any date or encounter with her.”

Italy’s age of consent is 14 but paying an under-18 for sex is a crime. Italy’s ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi was convicted of paying her for under-age romps at “bunga bunga” sex parties but was later cleared.

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