Future Reveals Why He Was Afraid To Tell Fans He Stopped Drinking Lean


is gearing up to drop his latest album The WIZRD tomorrow, which means he’s heavy on the promo runs. The ATLien stopped by Genius to speak about his new album, and he also touches on a number of other topics. The moment that caught many of his fans by surprise though, was his admission to fearing the backlash from fans after quitting lean. “It’s like me taking a chance on when I was, I didn’t want to tell nobody I stopped drinking lean,” says at the 12:07 mark. “I didn’t want to tell because I felt then they gonna be like, ‘Oh, his music changed because he ain’t drinking lean no more. Oh, I can hear when he changed.’ And people are like, ‘Damn, you won’t even say it.’ It just be hard when your fans so used to you a certain kind of way with a certain persona, you be afraid to change. You’re afraid if they would not even accept me no more.”


also discusses his verse on “King’s Dead,” and his polarizing “La Di Da Di” segment. “When I did it, I did another verse,” explains at the 17:07 mark. “And at the end I did the ‘La Di Da Di’ part. That was my favorite part but I was like, I’m just bullshittin’, I’m just playing around. So I did a verse for the song, and then I just did that at the end just in case they wanted to keep it like an outro or something. And then he kept it, Kendrick kept it.”

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