From Jail Shotti And Treyway Have A New Beef!


It was all good just a day ago, ya’ll! Most of you have never heard the name Alshawn Martin. But, dude is a Cali rapper that got down with the Tekashi 69 and movement as it bubbled. He’s got all the credentials required in rap, down to the tats, getting shot and more. But, unlike Tekkie, Alshawn didn’t ever blow up. He’s still out in the world, while most of the other dudes are locked up. This includes , the big bad of ! Well, a day or so ago, Alshawn Martin goes on social media and says, he’s selling his chain and claiming all of his music was taken off all streaming services without warning. Check it out.


I don’t know what is what, but I can only assume that dude just wants to be allowed the ability to prosper.I think it is crazy to see how this has all fallen apart so fast. Well, I didn’t listen yet, but Al released a diss song called “Call From .”

And, here is the diss!


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