Freddie Gibbs Calls Out Pusha T For Not Responding To Drake



Calls Out For Not Responding To

The longstanding rap beef between and reached new heights Friday after Push fired shots at on his new album, Daytona, referencing his ghostwriting scandal with Quentin Miller. , who is also in album mode right now, immediately dropped “Duppy Freestyle,” a diss track aimed right at Pusha’s head, followed by an invoice for “career reviving” services.


Fans have gone crazy over the feud, and everyone is waiting to see how Pusha T will respond to Drake’s provocations. However, one person is tired of waiting, and thinks that the longer Pusha takes to drop this track, the less credible it will be. That person is .

On Twitter today, Freddie sent a subliminal shot at Pusha for failing to clap back in a prompt manner. He writes, “It don’t really count if u don’t respond in 24 hrs.” It’s been two days since Drake dropped “Duppy Freestyle” and still no word from Pusha.

Freddie further pushed his point, when a fan told him that they’re waiting for someone to try and take a crack at him. To this he responded, “they would never.”

Even though he doesn’t mention Pusha by name, there’s no doubt about who he’s speaking of here. Whether or not you agree with Freddie’s statements, it’s a proven fact that waiting too long to respond to Drake can lead to disastrous consequences. Just ask Meek Mill how it feels to watch a diss track aimed at you actually get nominated for a Grammy.


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