Veteran Nigerian comedian Tee A, has called out all fake Nigerian Life Coaches and motivational speakers who according to him have no credible structure backing their sudden wealth.

Tee A further alleged that everyone now wants to be a life coach, while also accusing Nigerian Life Coaches and motivational speakers of parading themselves as ‘successful young entrepreneurs’.

Tee A wrote;

“I wonder how long we will all continue keeping quiet while young , innocent and hardworking people are being deceived and misled by very shady characters masquerading as “Successul Young Entrepreneurs” , Most of whom you can’t chart their road to success or even identify any sensible structure behind their sudden wealth.

My advice to innocent folks out there is to simply be very careful of these “fake role models” because many of them are out here right now .

Please don’t let anyone deceive you, follow your heart and grind your hustle with all you got.
Dignity of labour is still a bestseller any day.
May the good Lord bless the genuine works of your hands.
He who the cap fits let him wear.”


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