Chris Brown Rape Accuser’s Story Extremely Suspicious To Authorities


This entire rape story has gotten out of hand. As we reported, was arrested and then released in Paris, France for allegedly raping a young lady. He was released with no charges and was given clearance to leave the country. Brown decided to stay though, and complete the production for his music video. Brown has vowed to take legal action against the accuser, who claims Brown and his friends raped her. Now, according to TMZ, it’s become clear why Parisian authorities let Brown go with no charges.


The media site has a source directly connected to the case who stated, “The weakest part of the case is the alleged victim’s statement to police.” The accuser claimed Brown raped her for about a half an hour in a secluded room. Then, she claims she went into another room and was raped by one of Brown’s friends. Then, she said she was “abused” for a third time in another room. Police are having a hard time believing the story due to the fact that she never raised an alarm, asked for help, or tried to escape through three alleged sexual assaults. While the investigation is still ongoing, Brown is staying in the same hotel.

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