Bria Vinaite Says Drake Is Just A Friend, Denies Dating Rumors


“The Florida Project” actress says she isn’t dating .


has suddenly become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses, parlaying success as a personality on Instagram into a critically acclaimed starring role in the indie Oscar hopeful The Florida Project. Playing a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet and, at times, forced to turn tricks in order to make enough cash to stay alive, Vinaite has been a revelation in her big screen debut, earning a standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival. Around that same time, rumors were swirling that she and legendary Canadian rapper had become a romantic item, after a report wrote of them leaving a restaurant “hand in hand” after a late-night rendezvous. However, according to a new profile in the New York Post, she and the More Life emcee are just friends at the moment.

“He liked the movie, that was it,” she said. “We’re just friends.” Drake had supposedly slipped into her DM’s after seeing her performance at TIFF earlier this year. In fact, he even posed for a picture with Vinaite that she posted on Instagram, giving the pic the following caption: “If @champagnepapi likes #TheFloridaProject that means you gotta see it!!! In theaters Oct 6th 😊❤️🙏🏼 @thefloridaproject.” Known for being a ladies man through and through, there’s no telling if Drake has actually made any moves on Vinaite after hitting her DM’s, but the actress doesn’t seem like she’s that interested in pursuing any romantic relationships with men in general at the moment, even if they’re as rich and successful as the Champagne Papi. “I don’t want men in my life right now,” she added. “I’m focused on myself.”

While that nonexistent love life is mostly because of a schedule that has quickly become littered with other obligations, there’s no denying that the dating rumors continue to bubble despite Vinaite’s statements. The article from the Post even says that Drake sent her a message congratulating her on the publication, which shows that he’s at least keeping tabs on her to a certain degree. If the rapper begins to throw some financial support behind some independent film projects, there’s a chance Vinaite could be up or a role or two. But, you know, because he’s a really supportive friend and all…

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