BBNaija 2019 Day 3: Is the spice getting too much for Ella?


: Is the spice getting too much for ?



Three days in Biggie’s House and Pepper Dem Housemate is already missing her mother.

Lean on me

Ella and Isilomo were in the HoH room when she started talking about her musical journey. She also touched on personal stuff like how her father didn’t support her and wanted her to get married young. Going down memory lane with her, she let us know that her mother was her rock and support system. FYI, her mum supports her participating in the Big Brother Naija.

It became emotional as she started talking about her mom and before we knew it, tears started flowing. Ella found a shoulder to cry on in Isilomo. During this conversation, Isilomo was the agony aunt that comforted Ella when she cried about how much she missed her mother these past few days. Is Ella looking for where to set up her pity party? Did Isilomo really listen to Ella?

When there is a way

As Ella was having her heart to heart talk, Isilomo saw an opportunity and quickly plugged herself in. In what Isilomo might have considered a vulnerable moment for Ella, she told Ella, “We need each other to get to the finish line so I would like you not to Nominate me sometime”. Ella response to that was “we can’t form alliances”. Turned out that Ella could actually think past the tears oh. Has Isilomo hit a brick wall in her plans with Ella?


Strategy or alliance, how long do you think Isilomo can keep up before her real intentions are exposed? Let’s find out together.

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