Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Atlanta Housewife Nene BEGS Bravo ‘Please Don’t Fire Me’!!

Atlanta Housewife Nene BEGS Bravo Please Dont Fire Me

Leakes is close to being FIRED from the top rated Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she’s “begging” to keep her job.

According to multiple sources at the network, has been doing any and everything to secure her spot on next season of The Atlanta Housewives.

The insider explained, “Nene flew out to Miami to see Andy [Cohen] and make sure that they were still friends.” The tipster added, “She wants him to support her next season.”

And Nene has been kissing up to all the execs at , and the production team.

Another insider explained, “Nene even bought [one executive] flowers, she’s basically begging to keep her job.”

But she may need to do a LOT more begging.

Our insiders say that the show is UNHAPPY with how much they are paying Nene and Kandi, and will be looking to shed costs next season.

The tipster told MTO News, “I don’t care how much begging [Nene] does. Either she’s getting a pay cut, or she’s getting cut.”

This season has been the lowest rated Real Housewives Of Atlanta in the shows history. Many fans claim that the show is getting “old” and that the storylines aren’t as interesting as usual.

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