50 Cent’s son Marquise fires back after the rapper trolled his mum

50 Cent’took to Instagram to troll his first baby mama,Shaniqua ,reminding her that her contract with him states she can’t do reality Tv .

This comes after 50 Cent stopped paying child support when their son,Marquise(20) turned 18. Insinuating his first babymama is now broke ,50 Cent wrote alongside of picture of him and a dog

See right here Shaniqua this is the life rights agreement you signed. See this paragraph says you can’t do reality Tv ok. LOL


get the strap #bellator #lecheminduroiIn another post, he wrote🤭you starting to look thirsty you ok? Child support ls over😟l don’t know what else to say,

wait call Floyd he will let you strip at his joint.Re-posting 50’s post  on his Instagram page, Marqu🤷🏽‍♂️ise wrote

And y’all wonder why I don’t respect him as a man or a father? You had a good run but it’s over big fella lol it’s been a decade. You’re 40+ you can grow up any day now


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