50 Cent Provides Commentary To Floyd Mayweather Flexing Video

Provides Commentary To Flexing Video

Earlier today, began his newest tirade against . While none of his posts have been significantly rude or disrespectful, Fiddy is definitely having some fun while laughing at the boxing champ. Their long-running feud goes back years after they supported each other earlier in their careers. Now, there is tons of bad blood between them. Fif started today by throwing some shots at the champ, posting a “who wore it better challenge” between and Mary J. Blige. Then, he followed up the initial troll job with some extra shots at the athlete.

We reported on Floyd’s new video where he flexes a shit ton of jewelry and cash. If you’ve watched the clip, you will instantly feel a little poorer. There was something missing originally though: commentary by none other than .

The G-Unit rapper shared the same video of Money Mayweather flaunting his wealth but this time, it was complete with Fiddy’s comments. “You playing with all that shit on,” says Curtis enthusiastically. “All that shit hurts your neck. Little ass neck n***a.” He laughed out loud before posting a different video of what he sees whenever Floyd starts to flex: a small dog wearing a bathrobe.

The fight is petty, yes, but it’s always entertaining when logs onto Instagram with a clear target in mind. He’s likely not finished for the day.

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