50 Cent Clowns Floyd Mayweather’s Recent Outfit Choice

Nobody’s safe.

Poor Floyd. Even the Champ can’t escape the taunting antics of Curtis Jackson as the mogul took to social media to publicly ridicule Floyd Mayweather’s recent fashion choice.

It was earlier this month that Floyd was in attendance at a match up between the Minnesota Timberwolves and New Orleans Pelicans where he decided to rock an unconventional tonal getup. Pairing tan on tan, the outfit was finished off with a pair of rider’s boots that seemed to set this whole thing in motion.

On Saturday, decided to post a picture snapped of his friend at the game on his Instagram with a caption reading, “Champ I love you to death but where the fuck was you going in this out fit LOL.”

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Naturally, his legion of followers quickly chimed in with a few hypotheses of their own, with many making comparisons to Indiana Jones, horse back riding, and even saying that Mayweather was dressed as the Kevin Hart’s stunt double in the comedian’s recent “Jumanji” film. Soon enough, Fif would follow up the picture with another post that featured Floyd’s likeness photoshopped in Kevin Hart’s place on the film’s poster. “Champ on his movie shit that’s all. The Rock ain’t got shit on Champ,” he wrote out.

This case of playful banter on ’s end is well-received considering the propensity that these two have to target each other on more serious matters. Floyd has yet to respond, but given the two’s public similarities, a response is likely not too far behind.

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