2Pac Debate Ends With Hospitalization Of Florida Drunkard, The Other In Jail


Debate Ends With Hospitalization Of Florida Drunkard, The Other In Jail

A Tampa Bay, Florida media outlet just reported the strangest of occurrences relating to Tupac Shakur, and I’m not talking about a holographic sighting. Worse yet, two men in Clearwater, Florida were debating Tupac’s legacy when the conversation turned violent – enough that one “Tupac debaters” wound up hospitalized, the other locked in a jailhouse for an undisclosed period of time.


Witnesses who were present for the fight, have identified the instigator as 35-year-old Thomas Statkiewicz, he who is likely behind bars. Statkiewicz told cops the beatdown was issued in self-defense, but they chose to book him regardless, on felony battery charges.

Statkiewicz landed his shots right on the presumed victim’s nose, coincidentally pronounced “broken” on sight, by an ambulance technician answering the call from dispatch. As of this moment, we don’t know whether the victim was acting in deference to or not. We can conclusively say, the debate wasn’t incited over a comparison to Biggie Smalls, as much as it pains me to cover that topic unencumbered.

Part of the reason. little to nothing is readily known about the nature of the argument, comes down to the victim’s garbled state. Apparently, when the cops and the ambulance technician both arrived on the scene, they were able to pronounce the victim as conscious, but his intoxication levels were so high, they could barely make out anything he was saying, let alone his stance in the 2Pac debate.

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