21 Savage’s Manager Says Grammys Are Preventing His Mother From Attending Gala

’s Manager Says Grammys Are Preventing His Mother From Attending Gala

According to ’s co-manager, the organizers are refusing to release the two tickets that would have went to the Slaughter Gang rapper. The 61st edition of the Grammys are set to take place whilst remains in isolation. As a result, his manager contacted the organizers and tried to have the tickets reallocated so 21’s mother could attend on her son’s behalf.

After revealing the dysfunctional nature of ’s non-admittance, manager “Stone Mound Meezy” wound up conceding defeat in a second Tweet in which he stated, “We won’t be going to Grammys … the politics and shit is ridiculous …” on behalf of , his mother, and the rest of the rapper’s entourage.

Meezy is the same liaison who gave fans an update on ’s condition on February 5th. According to him, even though ’s holding cell is putrid, and the conditions inhumane, the rapper remains in good spirits. “Just got off phone wit Savage,” he wrote in a Tweet which has since been deleted. “He is in lockdown for 23hrs of the day no TV or any communication besides our 10 min phone calls… Everything I’ve told him that has been happening made him happy & makes this time fly by thank y’all for the support.”

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