Kanye West Drops Yeezy Campaign Alongside Kim Kardashian Lookalikes Nude

Drops Yeezy Campaign Alongside Lookalikes Nude

Shock and awe, embattled glory, yes has done it all in the span of 15 years. His latest ad campaign for his Yeezy clothing launch features a full-frontal lookalike with overblown proportions, next to her a virtual Barbie doll disrobed. Other shots are less hair-raising and involve the models sporting a look of disinterest and Yeezy’s knitwear that lives up to his promise of achromatic color. The full campaign is sprawled over several dozen Twitter posts ranging from high-art to a more nubile aesthetic.

Kanye seems to have picked models comfortable in let’s say, compromising poses, several of which cover their face or curve their back in pronunciation of their figure. The “Yeezy 500 Supermoon” figures primarily as the sneaker at the forefront of the campaign. Click through Kanye’s Twitter to see the NSFW images at your own discretion.

The campaign was shot by Eli Linnetz, who famously worked on his “Fade” video causing a resurgence in the career of Teyana Taylor, who had up until that point, become an afterthought in Kanye’s stocked cabinet of collaborators. Oddly enough, the Yeezy launch coincides with a hectic schedule of album drops, including a potential “classic” Nas record and Teyana Taylor’s long-awaited reunion. A look at Linnetz’ Instagram discloses a score of outtakes not appearing in ’s Twitter reveal, see for yourself.

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