Chris Brown & Jacquees Announce Joint Mixtape

& Announce Joint Mixtape

delivered his Heartbreak On A Full Moon album on Halloween last year and then followed up with a special Christmas edition. Now, he’s teaming up with on a new mixtape that was announced earlier today.

“We dropping a mixtape fuck it,” captioned on a video uploaded to his Instagram page. Breezy posted the same clip with the message “we family so we gone fuck this r&b shit up.”

See their posts below and check back soon for more info on the upcoming mixtape.

You ever heard Michael Jackson rap? Lol well Me and @chrisbrown got a lot of heat in the oven. No bullshit tho,, breezy mite be my new favorite rapper. 😎 you’ll see

— Joyner Lucas (@JoynerLucas) January 4, 2018

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